A Million Reasons Why Quickbooks Sucks

Well, maybe not a million, but I have to say that of all the software I have *cough* purchased, the engineers at the irritation factory known as Intuit seem hell bent on making my user experience as nasty as inhumanly possible.

  • Quickbooks fails about 80% of the time to create PDFs to attach to emails.
  • Quickbooks uses your email client to send emails instead of sending emails directly, and that fails about 99% of the time.  This is divided into the times when it tells you it can’t send an email and the times it says nothing, yet no email ever arrives at the client.
  • It bundles 10,000 features (many of which are paid add-ons, like payroll) and small businesses like me need about 5.
  • It’s constantly trying to up-sell me on additional services.
  • It seems to cost extra to do many simple features, even ones you rarely need.
  • Even though you bought Quickbooks, you don’t own it.
    • Features start disabling after it’s 2 years old.
    • You can’t move an older working version to a new computer.  Well, you *can*, but when it tries to install all the patches, they are no longer available.
  • It frequently freezes up or just takes a long time to complete a task, during which the UI is unresponsive, sometimes making the whole computer seem locked up.
  • When there is an error, they leave it to the community users to help one another.  I’m sure there is some kind of support add-on where you can pay more to get access to a useless knowledge-base or something, but I’m already paying $400 for $65 worth of features.
  • New one today: it just emailed ALL my client’s invoices to one client.

In short Quickbooks is irritating, annoying, expensive, and difficult.  I am sensing room for an alternative solution.



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