Abandon Hope

Look, here’s the way it is.  The freeloaders have over half the population hooked on other people’s income.  People have lost all hope in surviving on their own efforts.  They have devolved into a dog-pack of predators who will pounce on anyone for a day’s food.  They have abandoned reason and decorum for any fleeting advantage.

If God is returning, now would be a good time.  Mankind has divided into two camps:  Ayn Rand would call them looters and producers.  Newt Gingrich would say liberals and conservatives.  I will just call them predators and prey.

And after the prey is gone – after the last decent person holding on to the illusion of civilization has been eviscerated, the wolves will turn on each other.  And on and on until there are sparse clans of cave dwellers and the cities have crumbled into toxic wastelands.

There are two paths.  The looters can prevail and all is lost, or decent people can rise up and rebuild society – reclaim liberty, charity, freedom, and humanity.  At this point, the few who stand up for humanity are destroyed one by one when hoards of loot-addicted zombies crush them and cast them into the abyss.  So far there are a few who stand – but they stand up alone.  They are easy prey for a crazed zombie hoard.  The rest of the hardworking, decent population watches with interest and then loses heart when these brave generals are cut down.

At some point though, there will be a war.  Wave after wave of decent people will fight for their loved ones.  But will it be in time?  I can’t see how.  More likely, they will be robbed and robbed by their governments until they refuse to work, then they will be killed or imprisoned.

The zombies are among us.  They shout us down when we show them they are wrong.  They believe that there are flavors of truth, and that yours, no matter how well documented, is not theirs.  They cannot be reasoned with.

They think that

  • stealing is charity
  • tolerance is for others
  • money is evil (so they’ll relieve you of it)
  • truth is malleable
  • feelings are stronger than truth
  • fairness is what you scream for when you are losing
  • any means of destroying your enemies is acceptable
  • disagreement is hatred
  • hatred makes you a Nazi
  • It’s OK to kill Nazis

Children, we’re sorry.  We have taken the bounty of this Earth, the blood of the martyrs, and the soldiers, and we have squandered them.  We have wasted our legacy, your inheritance.  The ship is sinking, and we are far from shore.  The wolves are upon you.  God have mercy.

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