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Weird Dreams – The Damaged Vacation

We were in some podunk area in rural Texas.  Somehow, due to my 1 semester of flight training in high school, they let me fly my family in a rented airplane out of Oakland, and we went and did some stuff with the kids and some other people I don’t really know.  At some point, I was at a gas station, and I lost my wallet.  My wife Ruth was so nonchalant about it, she was only concerned that her service dog was behaving OK, and the kids were just rolling their eyes at me because I was overreacting.

The House we were renting was huge.  it had something like 10 bedrooms, enormous living area, and a bathroom that was like a gymn shower room, with a sauna.  It became time for us to come back home, and Ruth and the kids were heading for the car.  A little old lady with a walker – along with her friend approached us and explained that they were friends of Ruth’s childhood piano teacher – who passed a long time ago – and they needed a ride with us back to Oakland.

Suddenly I discovered that I had also lost the keys to the rental car.  I became really worried about my mental state because I was forgetting everything, but Ruth and the kids just looked at me like I was nuts.  So we somehow we got to the plane, which was parked in a field.   I was powering everything up when I realized that I had to file a flight plan with the FAA but I had no idea how to do that  – or how to contact Oakland once I was ready to land.

Again I panicked, but everyone else was just calm and collected about it. I decided to just get it in the air, and figure it out when I got close to Oakland. Or else the air force would have to shoot us down.  Which was probably OK because I had no ID, and there was no way I was going to get out of the airport anyway.

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Deeply Held Misconceptions

Oh my.

I am a firm believer that you make your own future.  Sure, doodoo occurs, but in general, the beasts you feed the most are the ones that walk with you.

To whit:  I was raised in a liberal California town in mostly the 1970’s.   There was something in my head that loves to doubt and be the contrarian, so by the time my socialist teachers got done with me, I realized they were mostly just greedy haters who wanted what they wanted and if others were forced to pay for it, so much the better.  I now view liberalism and socialism as mental illnesses, but is it too late for me?

You see, you act, desire, fear, and hate based on your beliefs.  What you think affects your disposition.  Furthermore, your view of life is built on a foundation of your deepest beliefs.  It’s like a house of cards, or as one wise man put it, it’s building a house on the sand.

For instance, when I was a young lad in Catholic school, I was taught that the highest ideal was Christ, who sacrificed himself for others.  This is the perfect way we all should strive to live.  That’s a foundational concept and a grievous misinterpretation and error.  You see, when you tell a 6 year-old that, it means this: You must throw your own life away for anyone else on the planet that may require it.  This leads to the next brick in this tilted wall: You must always regard your life, your existence as the most worthless thing on the planet.  This leads to an overall nihilism, and the notion that you are just worthless.

My little soul cried out, I don’t want to be meaningless.  I want to matter!  But the foundation was poured, and had hardened.  It led to another egregious error: depression and hedonism.  If you are meaningless, to Hell with it: just have as much fun as you can.

When it came to the concept of work, well, what is work?  The expending of decades of massive energy to acquire skill,  learn the ropes, become excellent.  But why would a worthless lump care about doing any of that?  Especially when coupled with the liberal notion that the evil corporations will just co-opt your success and steal all the rewards, or the conservative notion that the evil government will just tax you and steal from you and ruin you if you don’t hand the rewards over to them.


You see, modern day politics is 100% designed to create a false dichotomy that you are a helpless victim because of them, and only the transfer of power to us will help with that.  This is why conservatives promise tax cuts and deregulation they never deliver, while liberals promise handouts and free goodies that they never deliver.

If they ever did deliver, we’d be up a creek because then we’d have no excuse why we are not as successful as we’d like.  It would be our responsibility that we fail!  We can’t have that!  We don’t really want that!  We want there to be a reason why we can’t succeed, because we think we are worthless failures anyway, and we are loathe to blame ourselves.

It’s all a game to them, they get your votes, and it’s another 2, 4, or 8 years until they need to fool you again.  Try calling your senator sometime.  You’ll leave a voicemail with a million other people, but since you aren’t a million dollar donor, and they don’t need you right now, you’ll never even get a response.

But the bottom line is this:  BOTH SIDES need you to feel victimized by the other side.  That makes for a lot of people feeling like perpetual victims.  And it’s the ones who care about society and are trying to be politically informed.  I am saying that any casual involvement in politics is harmful.  It’s all lies and misrepresentations designed to make you so hopeless and hateful that you panic.

The word work.

So you turn 17, and  you need a job to pay for not starving, so you work.  But you don’t view work as the ultimate expression of your individuality, creativity, and industry, to you it’s that bullshit society makes you do in exchange for not letting you die.  Because you view yourself as worthless, you feel like you’re exchanging your second-rate efforts for a deservedly low salary.  But you do as little as possible, in an effort to make it feel more fair.  Eventually you have a goal of working as little as you can for as much pay as you can, all the while hoping that no one will really take a look at what you accomplish in a day.  This leads you to despise your managers and coworkers because any halfway involved manager would see through your shit and reprimand you daily.  You actually wish they would, because you see that you’re not growing or improving, you’re only becoming more savvy at hiding your inadequacies.

Once I loved photography.  And that was back in the film days where you had to take the film to Fotomat and wait a week to get them back.  I took photography classes, and took long drives to get pictures to add to my portfolio.  But then I got hired to do a photo spread for a local business.  I was initially jazzed.  My mind started thinking, hey, maybe we can parlay this into a career!  But the minute I attached the word work to it, it became a drudgery, and I barely made my deadline because I – for some reason – hated doing it, even though I loved photography.  You see the inter-twisted hoops my mind went through?

Video Games

Video games are where truly hopeless minds go to find an ordered world where their lives matter.  I may be worthless in real life, but I matter as a Jedi Knight.  I can see the evil and actually fight it.  Sometimes I even win!  And there are others – lots and lots of others – who will join me in the fight.   My soul is fed, and for a moment (and by moment I mean 60 hours a week) – in this preferable universe far, far away – I matter.  My actions and heroism push back the borders of darkness and I actually matter.

Of course time spent in this illusion deducts from time in the real world, where we are meant to be cooperating with real people against real darkness, and attaining some measure of real greatness.  Many gamers, after decades of pissing their time into the internet, find that the real world has got along fine without them.

If you started gaming at age 17 and now you’re 40, you find that you interact in the real world like a 17 year old because you missed out on all the growth that would have occurred if you had been part of society.

The Reality Stack

So your reality stack ends up looking like this.

  1. The highest goal is to toss your life away.
  2. You are worth less than every other person on Earth (and the few in space).
  3. Your highest goal is to become nothing without starving.
  4. You are convinced that they want to take everything from you.
  5. You are perpetually hopeless, helpless, a victim.
  6. You know your opinions are wrong and don’t matter.

Except that it’s not true.

First, let’s go back to Christ.  Christ didn’t model the act of throwing His life away to show us how to throw our lives away.  He did it instead of us having to do it.  Christ didn’t get crucified because you are worthless and needed to be shown how to die for others.  He did it because you are valuable, and He wanted to save you.

Get it?  The Omnipotent Creator thinks YOU are VALUABLE.  Supremely valuable.  You were not meant to toss your life away and constantly defer to others, you actually have a place in life.  Your energy, drive and industry have meaning and this world misses them when you withhold them.  You are here for a reason.

Now we see the true roots of evil.  The Bible calls the Devil “the Father of Lies”, and “The Accuser of the Brethren”.   I see him not as a powerful fire demon from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but more as Grima Wormtongue from Lord of the Rings.  He hovers around whispering in your ear about how worthless and inadequate you are,how scary the world is, and how no one truly loves you.

Seemingly his goal is not to get us to do evil, but rather not to act at all in the face of evil.  Video gamers who should have been designing Mars cities and writing great literature and solving the air and water problems are fooled into withdrawing their efforts from the family of man and pissing them away into the internet or just refusing to develop themselves because of their own hopelessness.  Great thinkers who could be pursuing marvels that mankind only dreams of are instead wasting their talents fighting idiotic things like microaggressions  (an aggression so small it can’t be noticed) and male privilege (the notion that men holding doors for women, fighting to give them votes, going to war for them and protecting them constitutes oppression).  How many people have been born, raised and died fighting their whole lives because of some offense that occurred in the far reaches or history?  What could those minds have accomplished if they were set on bettering mankind instead of feeding a 10,000 year old grudge?

So come to the truth:

  1. You are so valuable that God sent Christ to suffer instead of you.
  2. You are meant to be part of the answer, not the problem.
  3. You can fight against evil and make the world a better place.
  4. There is hope if you know where to look.
  5. You don’t fight evil by punching it in the face: you fight evil by doing good.
  6. You have a place in the family of man, and what you do matters to everyone, even into the future.
  7. The Family of Man is one family.  It survives or dies as one.

Once you embrace truth, you have a hard but necessary road to walk.  You must unlearn all that crap you believed since you were 6.  That means that the barriers in your mind – all of them – need to be re-evaluated.  Those things you feel trapped about: the business idea, the love you seek, conquering porn, drug, alcohol and video game addictions, and everything – you are probably not as trapped as you think.  You have to tear down the wall brick by brick and figure out if the lies that have kept you trapped really have you trapped at all.

It is for freedom’s sake that you have been set free.  Don’t let yourself  be put back in shackles again.

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Weird Dreams 1: the Camera and the Festival

I was driving along a highway – Highway 98 – somewhere in rural California.  Yes, California is not all San Fransisco and Los Angeles, it has actual farmland, too.

I was trying to follow somebody else’s car, which had been easy up to now.  But we happened on one of those little towns where the highway just becomes the main drag through town.  The sun was setting, and as we got into the center of town, there was some kind of local festival going on.

There were kids in the streets, banners up, police blocking off intersections, the whole schmear.  The traffic was backed up waiting for some little kids meandering across the road, so I popped my camera out and took some pictures of the festivities.  When the traffic moved, I hopped back in and drove to the next intersection.  The Sherrif’s deputy waved my car to a stop so some kind of float could get onto the street.  This was going to be a while, so he came to the car window.

“Thanks for your patience”, he said.  “And you should try a slower shutter speed.  Your pictures will be less grainy.”

I looked at him.  Typical rough looking muscle guy who could have me on the ground with a knee in my back without even breaking a sweat.  “Thanks, but I don’t have real steady hands.  I would probably blur the pictures.”

“Maybe.  But you might be able to slow the shutter down a little and take a chance.”  He said, waving the floats onto the road ahead.

I smiled. “Thanks officer.”

He waved me on and in my rear view mirror said, “Have a nice evening”.

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I do not Use Newspeak

Here are the correct meanings of some commonly misused words and phrases.  These definitions used in common parlance are almost always the opposite of what they sound like.

Immigrant: One who legally resettles in another country.

Illegal Immigrant: This is an oxymoron.  Like “Dry water”.

Alien: One who is in a country (or planet) where they do not belong (or have not assimilated).

Illegal Alien: One who has entered a country (or planet) against the laws of that country (or planet).

Women’s (or reproductive) healthcare:  Health services and products targeted at helping women maintain their ability to have children.

Abortion: The killing of a living fetus.  This act is designed for many social goals:

  • to reduce minority populations
  • to allow men more access to sex with less consequences.
  • to appease Satan, and other demons who hate God’s creation.
  • to please elites who think that the poor, undesirable masses will not overrun the world with their nasty pro-family ways.
  • to implement the principles of eugenics.

Compassion: Giving of one’s self to aid another.

Entitlements: Taking from others to trap the poor into a subservient, loyal underclass.

Taxation: Theft that has been agreed upon by its victims for some imagined public good that may or may not ever come to pass.

Social Justice:  A watering down of actual justice so that only certain tribal members receive real justice.

Tolerance:  Where disagreeing groups decide to accept that they disagree without working to harm the other side.

Antifa: A fascist group that bristles (violently) with anyone who veers from their political dogma.

Nazi: Members of the National Socialist Party founded by Adolf Hitler.  AND NO ONE ELSE.

Feminist: Currently anyone who works to dismantle, harm, and exhibit a burning hatred for men.

Micro Agression:  An aggression so small that the person committing it has no idea it has even offended.  In other words, a non-offense.

Racist: Someone who is convinced that his own race is superior to all others, lacking any substantive proof of it.  NOT someone who utters a race joke, or doesn’t want to marry outside his race.

Pronouns: unlike most Latin languages where every noun and verb is gendered (like “chair” or “river”), in English the pronouns are the only gendered words.  They are sometimes gendered (he, she his, hers) and sometimes not (they, you, I, me).

Sex: there are 2, barring genetic abnormalities.

Gender: there are 2, barring genetic abnormalities.

Gender Identity: A social construct invented to(in this order)

  • beat up conservatives
  • bring mentally ill people into the mainstream

Socialism: A social system wherein a caste of elites take everything from the masses, and murder them en masse when they complain.

Communism:  A system where the lazy live off the efforts of the hardworking.

Gulag: A vacation destination for socialists.

Tribalism: The act of breaking all people into tribes for the purpose of warring against them.  Under tribalism, you are not you, you are a skin color, race, gender, and religion.  There is no individual, there is only the group, who’s leaders (elites) will determine what’s good for you.

Identity Politics: a way of saying tribalism without risking offending people who live in tribes.

Democrat: A political party that promises to steal everything from the rich and give it to the poor to gain votes: but then never delivers.

Republican: A political party that promises to reduce taxes and reduce government to gain votes: but then never delivers.

Libertarian: Drug addicts who want to legalize all drugs, and think that if we banished governments, everyone would live in peace.  Also stoners.


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Unions Make Robots (but not the way you think)

I was thinking about sex robots, and after a prudish giggle I thought why sex robots?  Well maybe this goes hand-in-metal gripper with the notion of things that humans are too expensive for.  The Cotton Gin and McCormick Reaper happened because innovation was cheaper than paying people.  This is 100% the reason why humans make robots.

  • It’s way less expensive to send an SUV into space than Elon Musk.
  • It’s too expensive to hire all the bank tellers people require to do all the transactions people want.  Think of all your auto-deposits, ATMs, credit and debit card purchases, and online bank transactions.
  • It’s cheaper and more accurate to put satellites into space than it is to hire weathermen everywhere (and have spies everywhere).

So someone somewhere decided that wives, girlfriends, and prostitutes were too expensive and unreliable.  Hence the sex robot.  Oh stop with the indignation girls, your toys are the same thing, and you’ve had them forever.

What makes workers too expensive for their jobs?  Think about the industries that have been automated.

  • Farming
  • Auto Manufacturing
  • Textiles
  • Mining
  • Roadwork

These are all very unionized fields.  And it stands to reason.  When a union comes in, you have to

  • pay people more,
  • give them more sick and vacation time,
  • you can’t fire them,
  • you have to pay their pensions forever, even if they put virtually nothing into it,
  • you can never reduce pay or benefits.

Even if your industry is tanking, you can’t cut back on any of these when you are dealing with a union.  Even if you went to your workers and told them it’s either take a 10% pay cut or take a 100% job loss.  In fact they’d probably riot if you told them they aren’t getting a cost-of-living raise every year.

I am from the San Francisco Bay Area.  Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART).  When BART was designed back in 1972, it was completely possible to automate the whole thing.  Driverless trains, Automated ticket sales, computerized turnstiles controlled from central computers.  But the Transit Unions sued the system to make them require that a train operator be on every single train.  They had to redesign the nose cone on the trains and put in a room with a mirror and like 2 buttons and a seat.  And the cost-savings of automation went out the (unopenable) windows.

Furthermore, BART was prevented initially from running all the way to San Francisco Airport because the Cab Drivers Unions forbade it.  They rightly felt that their low quality, overpriced service would take a major hit.  Even today with BART 90% of the way to the airport, you still need that 10 minute bus ride from the station.

So I posit that there is a causal relationship between unions and robots (and mechanization in general).  I also posit that automation may not always make the world better, but unions always make things lower quality and more expensive.  This is exactly what makes automation more affordable than them.  You did this to yourselves.

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Drain the Swamp by Adding Muck and Alligators!

What a conservative spending bill would look like:

  • Defund the Department of Education
  • Defund Planned Parenthood
  • Reduce Entitlement spending
  • Reduce the Department of Homeland Security to coordinating info between the CIA and the FBI
  • Reduce the powers of the EPA.  Eliminate all but 10 employees or so.
  • Outlaw Government Employee Unions.
  • Reduce Taxes to about 10% and eliminate all deductions and tax credits.
  • Eliminate all federal funding for infrastructure that isn’t inter-state.  (For instance, Federal Highways that are completely in California)
  • Kill Obamacare
  • End Federal student loan programs, except for veterans.
  • Reduce taxes and eliminate loopholes: Severely reduce spending.
  • Pay off the fucking national debt, i.e. stop taxing our great-great-great-grandkids
  • Eliminate all Federal spending on illegal aliens except to expel them.

Whatever this Swamp Thing is that a Republican House, Senate, and President just made up – it’s not conservative!

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Discrimination is Why We Don’t Eat Poo

Discrimination is a good thing.  It’s what makes us say things like this is a good use of my time, or this is a waste of my time. It allows us to say this person is worth spending my time and energy , but this other person is not worth my time.  Discrimination used to indicate that a person has refined tastes.  That guy has a discriminating palette with regard to fine wines and foods.   That woman is a discriminating judge of character.

Discrimination is why you eat cheese and you don’t eat poo.

A discriminating person is a superior person.  You wouldn’t ask a bum for investment advice, nor would you ask an actor how to solve sociopolitical problems.  You’d go to someone with superior knowledge of the subject.

Discrimination is what you do when you get married (or even when you decide not to).  You are saying to 11.8 billion people, I choose this one person to love, honor and cherish above all others.

In my life, I like to discriminate against charlatans and idiots.  Some idiots like to discriminate against people because of their skin or hair color.  Have you ever heard a woman say, I would never date anyone shorter than me?  I have.

My point is that the word discrimination simply means the ability to choose wisely between different things, like Best Foods mayo over Miracle Whip.

Right now, idiots like to say that white males are discriminating against all others simply by being white males.  White males are to be shouted down, hit, run out of town, fired from their jobs, stripped of their rightful earnings, and made unemployable by virtue of the skin tone of their penis.

In a free world, Nathan Bedford Forrest can open a Whites Only restaurant.  I wouldn’t go there, and I think he’s idiotically cutting off a big chunk of income, but I also don’t think he should be forced by men with guns to change his restaurant.  Likewise, if Bobby Seale and Huey Newton want to open a Blacks Only restaurant I would never go there either, and I think it’s an equally stupid move, but I still don’t want men with guns to come change it.

I would celebrate the day either of these businesses failed.  But I would not want my tax dollars to force them to do what they truly believe is wrong.  I hate the idea of these people being so stupid, but I’m not willing to sacrifice my freedom, autonomy, and personal sovereignty in order to make them stop.

Learning how to discriminate is how you become wise.

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My Version of Comprehensive Immigration Reform

This comes from the perspective that illegal immigrants broke in to our country – illegally.

This might be because

  • the shit-holes they are from suck so bad they wanted to come here,
  • or because they wish to do us harm.

Regardless, they came here without screening, approval, or application of any kind, and since they did, they deserve to be deported.  Period.

But, it’s not practical to deport such a vast number of people, so we need some kind of a procedure to fold these people into the country.  So here is my “Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act”.

This applies to all people here illegally regardless of how long they have been here.

This applies to all children of people here illegally, or here legally on a temporary basis (i.e. on vacation, traveling, on a work visa etc.)

This act will create a program for currently resident illegals, which they can voluntarily sign up for.

New arrivals will be deported and may not be employed in the US.

Illegals who do not sign up for it are subject to deportation and asset seizure.

Illegals who do sign up for the program (Dreamers) are subject to the following rules.

  • They can not vote.
  • Their children are not citizens.
  • They are not subject to the minimum wage.
  • They are not allowed to own a gun.
  • Any government services they receive will be billed to the country of their citizenship.
    • including medical care and emergency room costs
    • including education
    • including imprisonment, court costs, police expenses
    • including fire and ambulance services
    • Any country that does not pay can expect to have it deducted from any foreign aid they receive from the US
    • Any country that still can’t pay can expect boatloads of deportations
  • They must pay a fine for breaking the law by entering illegally – let’s start that at $25,000.
  • They are not allowed to join labor unions.
  • They are not allowed to sue US citizens or corporations in US courts.
  • They are not eligible for Medicare, Social Security, Disability, or any other government welfare programs.
  • They are only eligible for state welfare programs if the states permit it.
  • They can be deported for any felony.
  • Employers must pay a small fee for each dollar they pay a “dreamer”.
  • Employers must provide current identity information on all dreamers they employ.
  • Legal aliens with current, legal visas are not required to sign up for  this program.

Illegals who do not sign up for the program are subject to immediate deportation and asset seizure.

A wall is largely a symbolic gesture, but the border patrol must protect the border, whether they use a wall, surveillance equipment, drones, satellites, robots, or any other means that can be shown to work.

Why is any of this important?

Because the US is a nation of laws.  If one segment of the population can just ignore a section of the law then order breaks down.  For instance, I have my eye on ignoring the tax code.  Why can’t I just ignore that?  I mean I’m here legally, why should I be treated WORSE than someone who broke in?

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The Worker, The Union, and the Economy

You have a job.

You are a worker.

You make a wage.

You want a raise.

Your boss eventually agrees, and raises his prices to give you a raise.

All the other bosses at all the other companies do the same.

You take your 10% raise and find everything at the store costs 10% more.

You have not gotten any benefit from your raise.

You sit down with your boss and ask him how you can get ahead.

Improving efficiency.  Make 5 widgets for every one you made before.  That way, prices hold or fall, and wages stay steady.

So the real way to increase quality of life is to increase worker productivity.

Enter the labor union.

What do labor unions do?  The stated stuff, not the corrupt stuff.

  • They fight for increasing wages
  • They fight a boss’s ability to fire unproductive workers
  • They fight to increase paid time off
    • More holidays
    • More vacation
    • Maternity/Paternity leave
  • They fight for endless medical and retirement plans, sometimes more than the worker has contributed to their plan
  • They make it so the union gets to decide who gets jobs, and no worker may be brought in on his own contract

All these things directly impact productivity.  That leads to increasing prices without increasing quality.

Union workers like to imagine that their higher wages make them wealthier, but that assumes all other companies are not raising wages and prices.  There was an ad years ago that said, In 1900, a $20 gold piece would buy you a really nice suit.  Today, a $20 gold piece is worth about $1300.  The gold piece will still buy you a great suit, but your $20 bill won’t pay for the alterations.

If you really want to become more wealthy (real wealth), then figure out how to do your job better, faster, more efficiently.

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Abandon Hope

Look, here’s the way it is.  The freeloaders have over half the population hooked on other people’s income.  People have lost all hope in surviving on their own efforts.  They have devolved into a dog-pack of predators who will pounce on anyone for a day’s food.  They have abandoned reason and decorum for any fleeting advantage.

If God is returning, now would be a good time.  Mankind has divided into two camps:  Ayn Rand would call them looters and producers.  Newt Gingrich would say liberals and conservatives.  I will just call them predators and prey.

And after the prey is gone – after the last decent person holding on to the illusion of civilization has been eviscerated, the wolves will turn on each other.  And on and on until there are sparse clans of cave dwellers and the cities have crumbled into toxic wastelands.

There are two paths.  The looters can prevail and all is lost, or decent people can rise up and rebuild society – reclaim liberty, charity, freedom, and humanity.  At this point, the few who stand up for humanity are destroyed one by one when hoards of loot-addicted zombies crush them and cast them into the abyss.  So far there are a few who stand – but they stand up alone.  They are easy prey for a crazed zombie hoard.  The rest of the hardworking, decent population watches with interest and then loses heart when these brave generals are cut down.

At some point though, there will be a war.  Wave after wave of decent people will fight for their loved ones.  But will it be in time?  I can’t see how.  More likely, they will be robbed and robbed by their governments until they refuse to work, then they will be killed or imprisoned.

The zombies are among us.  They shout us down when we show them they are wrong.  They believe that there are flavors of truth, and that yours, no matter how well documented, is not theirs.  They cannot be reasoned with.

They think that

  • stealing is charity
  • tolerance is for others
  • money is evil (so they’ll relieve you of it)
  • truth is malleable
  • feelings are stronger than truth
  • fairness is what you scream for when you are losing
  • any means of destroying your enemies is acceptable
  • disagreement is hatred
  • hatred makes you a Nazi
  • It’s OK to kill Nazis

Children, we’re sorry.  We have taken the bounty of this Earth, the blood of the martyrs, and the soldiers, and we have squandered them.  We have wasted our legacy, your inheritance.  The ship is sinking, and we are far from shore.  The wolves are upon you.  God have mercy.

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It’s Time To End the Welfare State

Here are some reasons to end the welfare state.

  1. It’s attracting the ineligible to steal from the taxpayers.
  2. It’s possible that up to 60% of those receiving benefits are committing fraud.
  3. It’s a Ponzi scheme that only works if birthrates are really high.  Birthrates in the first world are not.
  4. Congress has stolen the trust fund, and current taxpayers are funding current liabilities.
  5. With lifespans getting longer, one of 3 things MUST happen:
    1. The retirement age will need to increase dramatically, or
    2. The benefit levels will have to be cut dramatically, or
    3. Doctors will need to cooperate with the government to reduce life expectancy.
      1. i.e. mercy killings
      2. Doctor assisted suicides
      3. Instead of keeping people alive, doctors will need to hand the elderly a Tylenol and discuss their end-of-life options.
  6. No amount of raising taxes will make it so a declining population (low birth-rate) can pay for more (longer-living) recipients.  Soon the tax rate will be 100%+
  7. Social Security is not means-tested.  Bill Gates and Homeless Bob both get it.
  8. Disability is made of fraud.  My wife has Cerebral Palsy and is not eligible.
  9. Since I got laid off in 2008, I have lived on minimal income – barely enough to keep the lights on.  I was not eligible for help under Obamacare.  They wanted me to spend more than 85% of my income on premiums.  Then it went up even more.
  10. Anytime government requires a product it gets more expensive.
    1. It’s called supply and demand.  If you artificially increase demand, prices go up.
    2. Baby car seats.
  11. As if raising taxes wasn’t enough, Congress can now FORCE us to buy products with the little amount we have left.
  12. It’s become a money-grab for Congress
  13. Massive amounts of money are being mailed to foreign countries to ineligible families.

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  1. 1.
    a thankfully finite process of collecting disappointments and regrets.
    synonyms: existence, being, living, animation;

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The Great Divide

About 50% of the people in this world want to work hard, enjoy life, and keep their private stuff away from the envious marauders that pepper the landscape.

The other 50% has given up on liberty, freedom, and fairness, and just wants to score as much loot as possible from their neighbors for free.  They don’t even see it as stealing 1 2 .



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Netflix Sucks

Quick list:

  • It CONTINUALLY crashes on my Sony TV.  Like 1 in 3 shows crash the app on play. 0% 25% 65% 99%… CRASH
  • It needs to be “updated” about once a week, but it doesn’t ever SAY that, it just fails to work until you guess it needs an update.
  • It will regularly tell me a show is “unavailable” on the TV but plays fine on my computer.
  • Whenever you find a movie you really like, by the time you suggest it to your friends, and your friends decide to watch, it’s gone.
  • The “Netflix Originals” upload a whole season in a day, making you binge watch in a week, and have to wait 51 more weeks for the next season.  There is no reason that they can’t upload one episode a week so we don’t have 11.75 months in-between seasons.
  • There is no option for “Never suggest this horrible crap to me again”  I mean you, “Dear White People”.

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