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I do not Use Newspeak

Here are the correct meanings of some commonly misused words and phrases.  These definitions used in common parlance are almost always the opposite of what they sound like.

Immigrant: One who legally resettles in another country.

Illegal Immigrant: This is an oxymoron.  Like “Dry water”.

Alien: One who is in a country (or planet) where they do not belong (or have not assimilated).

Illegal Alien: One who has entered a country (or planet) against the laws of that country (or planet).

Women’s (or reproductive) healthcare:  Health services and products targeted at helping women maintain their ability to have children.

Abortion: The killing of a living fetus.  This act is designed for many social goals:

  • to reduce minority populations
  • to allow men more access to sex with less consequences.
  • to appease Satan, and other demons who hate God’s creation.
  • to please elites who think that the poor, undesirable masses will not overrun the world with their nasty pro-family ways.
  • to implement the principles of eugenics.

Compassion: Giving of one’s self to aid another.

Entitlements: Taking from others to trap the poor into a subservient, loyal underclass.

Taxation: Theft that has been agreed upon by its victims for some imagined public good that may or may not ever come to pass.

Social Justice:  A watering down of actual justice so that only certain tribal members receive real justice.

Tolerance:  Where disagreeing groups decide to accept that they disagree without working to harm the other side.

Antifa: A fascist group that bristles (violently) with anyone who veers from their political dogma.

Nazi: Members of the National Socialist Party founded by Adolf Hitler.  AND NO ONE ELSE.

Feminist: Currently anyone who works to dismantle, harm, and exhibit a burning hatred for men.

Micro Agression:  An aggression so small that the person committing it has no idea it has even offended.  In other words, a non-offense.

Racist: Someone who is convinced that his own race is superior to all others, lacking any substantive proof of it.  NOT someone who utters a race joke, or doesn’t want to marry outside his race.

Pronouns: unlike most Latin languages where every noun and verb is gendered (like “chair” or “river”), in English the pronouns are the only gendered words.  They are sometimes gendered (he, she his, hers) and sometimes not (they, you, I, me).

Sex: there are 2, barring genetic abnormalities.

Gender: there are 2, barring genetic abnormalities.

Gender Identity: A social construct invented to(in this order)

  • beat up conservatives
  • bring mentally ill people into the mainstream

Socialism: A social system wherein a caste of elites take everything from the masses, and murder them en masse when they complain.

Communism:  A system where the lazy live off the efforts of the hardworking.

Gulag: A vacation destination for socialists.

Tribalism: The act of breaking all people into tribes for the purpose of warring against them.  Under tribalism, you are not you, you are a skin color, race, gender, and religion.  There is no individual, there is only the group, who’s leaders (elites) will determine what’s good for you.

Identity Politics: a way of saying tribalism without risking offending people who live in tribes.

Democrat: A political party that promises to steal everything from the rich and give it to the poor to gain votes: but then never delivers.

Republican: A political party that promises to reduce taxes and reduce government to gain votes: but then never delivers.

Libertarian: Drug addicts who want to legalize all drugs, and think that if we banished governments, everyone would live in peace.  Also stoners.


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Drain the Swamp by Adding Muck and Alligators!

What a conservative spending bill would look like:

  • Defund the Department of Education
  • Defund Planned Parenthood
  • Reduce Entitlement spending
  • Reduce the Department of Homeland Security to coordinating info between the CIA and the FBI
  • Reduce the powers of the EPA.  Eliminate all but 10 employees or so.
  • Outlaw Government Employee Unions.
  • Reduce Taxes to about 10% and eliminate all deductions and tax credits.
  • Eliminate all federal funding for infrastructure that isn’t inter-state.  (For instance, Federal Highways that are completely in California)
  • Kill Obamacare
  • End Federal student loan programs, except for veterans.
  • Reduce taxes and eliminate loopholes: Severely reduce spending.
  • Pay off the fucking national debt, i.e. stop taxing our great-great-great-grandkids
  • Eliminate all Federal spending on illegal aliens except to expel them.

Whatever this Swamp Thing is that a Republican House, Senate, and President just made up – it’s not conservative!

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Abandon Hope

Look, here’s the way it is.  The freeloaders have over half the population hooked on other people’s income.  People have lost all hope in surviving on their own efforts.  They have devolved into a dog-pack of predators who will pounce on anyone for a day’s food.  They have abandoned reason and decorum for any fleeting advantage.

If God is returning, now would be a good time.  Mankind has divided into two camps:  Ayn Rand would call them looters and producers.  Newt Gingrich would say liberals and conservatives.  I will just call them predators and prey.

And after the prey is gone – after the last decent person holding on to the illusion of civilization has been eviscerated, the wolves will turn on each other.  And on and on until there are sparse clans of cave dwellers and the cities have crumbled into toxic wastelands.

There are two paths.  The looters can prevail and all is lost, or decent people can rise up and rebuild society – reclaim liberty, charity, freedom, and humanity.  At this point, the few who stand up for humanity are destroyed one by one when hoards of loot-addicted zombies crush them and cast them into the abyss.  So far there are a few who stand – but they stand up alone.  They are easy prey for a crazed zombie hoard.  The rest of the hardworking, decent population watches with interest and then loses heart when these brave generals are cut down.

At some point though, there will be a war.  Wave after wave of decent people will fight for their loved ones.  But will it be in time?  I can’t see how.  More likely, they will be robbed and robbed by their governments until they refuse to work, then they will be killed or imprisoned.

The zombies are among us.  They shout us down when we show them they are wrong.  They believe that there are flavors of truth, and that yours, no matter how well documented, is not theirs.  They cannot be reasoned with.

They think that

  • stealing is charity
  • tolerance is for others
  • money is evil (so they’ll relieve you of it)
  • truth is malleable
  • feelings are stronger than truth
  • fairness is what you scream for when you are losing
  • any means of destroying your enemies is acceptable
  • disagreement is hatred
  • hatred makes you a Nazi
  • It’s OK to kill Nazis

Children, we’re sorry.  We have taken the bounty of this Earth, the blood of the martyrs, and the soldiers, and we have squandered them.  We have wasted our legacy, your inheritance.  The ship is sinking, and we are far from shore.  The wolves are upon you.  God have mercy.

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It’s Time To End the Welfare State

Here are some reasons to end the welfare state.

  1. It’s attracting the ineligible to steal from the taxpayers.
  2. It’s possible that up to 60% of those receiving benefits are committing fraud.
  3. It’s a Ponzi scheme that only works if birthrates are really high.  Birthrates in the first world are not.
  4. Congress has stolen the trust fund, and current taxpayers are funding current liabilities.
  5. With lifespans getting longer, one of 3 things MUST happen:
    1. The retirement age will need to increase dramatically, or
    2. The benefit levels will have to be cut dramatically, or
    3. Doctors will need to cooperate with the government to reduce life expectancy.
      1. i.e. mercy killings
      2. Doctor assisted suicides
      3. Instead of keeping people alive, doctors will need to hand the elderly a Tylenol and discuss their end-of-life options.
  6. No amount of raising taxes will make it so a declining population (low birth-rate) can pay for more (longer-living) recipients.  Soon the tax rate will be 100%+
  7. Social Security is not means-tested.  Bill Gates and Homeless Bob both get it.
  8. Disability is made of fraud.  My wife has Cerebral Palsy and is not eligible.
  9. Since I got laid off in 2008, I have lived on minimal income – barely enough to keep the lights on.  I was not eligible for help under Obamacare.  They wanted me to spend more than 85% of my income on premiums.  Then it went up even more.
  10. Anytime government requires a product it gets more expensive.
    1. It’s called supply and demand.  If you artificially increase demand, prices go up.
    2. Baby car seats.
  11. As if raising taxes wasn’t enough, Congress can now FORCE us to buy products with the little amount we have left.
  12. It’s become a money-grab for Congress
  13. Massive amounts of money are being mailed to foreign countries to ineligible families.

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  1. 1.
    a thankfully finite process of collecting disappointments and regrets.
    synonyms: existence, being, living, animation;

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The Great Divide

About 50% of the people in this world want to work hard, enjoy life, and keep their private stuff away from the envious marauders that pepper the landscape.

The other 50% has given up on liberty, freedom, and fairness, and just wants to score as much loot as possible from their neighbors for free.  They don’t even see it as stealing 1 2 .



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Netflix Sucks

Quick list:

  • It CONTINUALLY crashes on my Sony TV.  Like 1 in 3 shows crash the app on play. 0% 25% 65% 99%… CRASH
  • It needs to be “updated” about once a week, but it doesn’t ever SAY that, it just fails to work until you guess it needs an update.
  • It will regularly tell me a show is “unavailable” on the TV but plays fine on my computer.
  • Whenever you find a movie you really like, by the time you suggest it to your friends, and your friends decide to watch, it’s gone.
  • The “Netflix Originals” upload a whole season in a day, making you binge watch in a week, and have to wait 51 more weeks for the next season.  There is no reason that they can’t upload one episode a week so we don’t have 11.75 months in-between seasons.
  • There is no option for “Never suggest this horrible crap to me again”  I mean you, “Dear White People”.

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The Good Kind of Hate

I am a hater because…

  • I weep for the innocent unborn murdered in their mother’s wombs.
  • I think that forcibly seizing income from people who view abortion as murder, and using it to fund abortions and organizations that perform and promote abortion is a heinous moral crime.
  • I think gay marriage is a farce.
  • I think The Coming Ice Age/Global Warming/Climate change is a religion, not science.
  • I think that racism is a belief that your race is better than another, not some kind of subconscious preference or inadvertent action or omission.  If you’re a racist, you know it and proclaim it.  There is nothing subliminal about it.
  • I am convinced that there is no longer such a thing as white privilege.  I have lost several college and job opportunities because the opposite is actually true.
  • I don’t think that handing hardworking people’s earnings to lazy people is going to solve anything.
  • I see Welfare as slavery.
  • I see Social Security as a ponzi scheme.  It needs to end, especially with the current low US birth rates.
  • I think that any taxation is partial slavery.  If your income is taxed at 30%, you are 30% a slave, i.e. working 30% of your year for no pay.
  • I believe that taking earnings from the hardworking should only be done in the most dire circumstances.
  • I think that any legislation that regulates the healthcare, lending, banking, auto manufacturing, etc. system is anti free trade.
  • I think trade unions exist to cripple productivity, steal from businesses, and foment (yes, I said the word foment) Socialism.
  • While we’re on the subject, Socialism is just legalized stealing.  Taking from “the rich” is just stealing for those too lazy to break in and plunder for themselves.

For any and all of these fundamental beliefs I would be called a hater, and probably shouted down on any college campus.  My only hope is that there are a few others who can see this position is just fundamental right and wrong, and not based on hate.  In truth, I hate no one.  I just feel that everyone should leave people alone and stop looking for ways to get their hands into our wallets.


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I have nothing to say

I have lots of opinions, but there is no compelling reason to listen to me.  Therefore I shall henceforth keep them completely to myself.

You’re welcome.

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Application for Membership

I, Serenity, do hereby on this 31st day of May, 2017 submit my application for membership in the 1%.

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Red Filter Photography Trick

I learned photography in high school with a Vivitar 220 35mm film camera and numerous rolls of black and white film.  They had color film back then, but developing and printing it in a high school darkroom was not workable in 1978.

You may be thinking… What use in this digital age is a lesson about 1978 black and white film photography? Hold on.  There is a usable lesson here.

One day we were assigned to shoot landscapes and my teacher taught us this.  Look at a black and white photo, and you’ll notice that a sunny blue sky is almost always completely washed out to a complete blank.  This makes our photos – well – boring.  What you want is to darken that blue sky down  – not to black, just to give it a little more detail.  He told us we could use a red color filter (or red cellophane, or the red plastic off a broken LED clock) to accomplish this.  This caused even the whispiest clouds to pop out in the photo and become interesting.

I will show you how to do this in GIMP.

First, my original photo from my iPhone.  Nothing special, just a shot from my morning walk.

Nothing too amazing, now in GIMP, I will desaturate it.

Note that the sky and clouds are kinda washed out.  This effect was MUCH WORSE in 35mm film photography.

Now, I used this filter on the original color image…

…making sure to set all 3 settings (shadows, midtones, highlights) to 0, -100, -100.  I took the resulting red image and used desaturate on it again…

Wow, look at that sky pop out now!

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Youtube Demonetization Facts

  1. Advertisers are free to spend money wherever they want.  It’s their money and if they don’t want to associate with your viewpoint, that’s their prerogative.
  2. Youtube (Google) does not owe you a living.
  3. if there are no advertisers willing to sponsor you, then either…
    1. make your stuff for free
    2. change to be more attractive to sponsors
    3. stop making content
    4. get your own sponsors
  4. Yes, this is a bonehead move on Youtube’s part, but it’s their platform.  Unless your agreement says, “we will pay you to create any kind of content you want”, then they can do anything they like within the framework of the agreement you both entered into.
  5. It’s not censorship.  Post whatever opinion you like (within the TOS).  But they don’t owe you money for it.
  6. I suspect that there are some advertisers who would love to align themselves with edgy content – unless your views are really, really wackadoo.  Sure it won’t be Coke or Sprint, but I bet there are some – why don’t YOU cultivate these relationships?
    1. As TJ Kirk said, “The beauty of it is that Youtube deals with the advertisers and content creators never have to talk to them.”  Well yeah, until something like this happens.

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My GOD, Twitter!

I created a twitter account in 2014.  I have posted exactly ZERO tweets.  Basically, NOT INTERESTED.  Now my account is SUSPENDED, because I won’t VIOLATE MY OWN PRIVACY and give out my phone number.

According to the help page, there should be a “Deactivate Account” link on the Account Settings page right about here:

Basically, if I don’t give up my PRIVATE CONTACT INFORMATION, I can’t be rid of this USELESS account.

So let me get this right.

  • I can’t delete my account.  Period.
  • I can’t deactivate my account without releasing my phone number.
  • I thought there were laws about this kind of thing, where deleting online accounts must be simple and free.

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A Million Reasons Why Quickbooks Sucks

Well, maybe not a million, but I have to say that of all the software I have *cough* purchased, the engineers at the irritation factory known as Intuit seem hell bent on making my user experience as nasty as inhumanly possible.

  • Quickbooks fails about 80% of the time to create PDFs to attach to emails.
  • Quickbooks uses your email client to send emails instead of sending emails directly, and that fails about 99% of the time.  This is divided into the times when it tells you it can’t send an email and the times it says nothing, yet no email ever arrives at the client.
  • It bundles 10,000 features (many of which are paid add-ons, like payroll) and small businesses like me need about 5.
  • It’s constantly trying to up-sell me on additional services.
  • It seems to cost extra to do many simple features, even ones you rarely need.
  • Even though you bought Quickbooks, you don’t own it.
    • Features start disabling after it’s 2 years old.
    • You can’t move an older working version to a new computer.  Well, you *can*, but when it tries to install all the patches, they are no longer available.
  • It frequently freezes up or just takes a long time to complete a task, during which the UI is unresponsive, sometimes making the whole computer seem locked up.
  • When there is an error, they leave it to the community users to help one another.  I’m sure there is some kind of support add-on where you can pay more to get access to a useless knowledge-base or something, but I’m already paying $400 for $65 worth of features.
  • New one today: it just emailed ALL my client’s invoices to one client.

In short Quickbooks is irritating, annoying, expensive, and difficult.  I am sensing room for an alternative solution.



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