Discrimination is Why We Don’t Eat Poo

Discrimination is a good thing.  It’s what makes us say things like this is a good use of my time, or this is a waste of my time. It allows us to say this person is worth spending my time and energy , but this other person is not worth my time.  Discrimination used to indicate that a person has refined tastes.  That guy has a discriminating palette with regard to fine wines and foods.   That woman is a discriminating judge of character.

Discrimination is why you eat cheese and you don’t eat poo.

A discriminating person is a superior person.  You wouldn’t ask a bum for investment advice, nor would you ask an actor how to solve sociopolitical problems.  You’d go to someone with superior knowledge of the subject.

Discrimination is what you do when you get married (or even when you decide not to).  You are saying to 11.8 billion people, I choose this one person to love, honor and cherish above all others.

In my life, I like to discriminate against charlatans and idiots.  Some idiots like to discriminate against people because of their skin or hair color.  Have you ever heard a woman say, I would never date anyone shorter than me?  I have.

My point is that the word discrimination simply means the ability to choose wisely between different things, like Best Foods mayo over Miracle Whip.

Right now, idiots like to say that white males are discriminating against all others simply by being white males.  White males are to be shouted down, hit, run out of town, fired from their jobs, stripped of their rightful earnings, and made unemployable by virtue of the skin tone of their penis.

In a free world, Nathan Bedford Forrest can open a Whites Only restaurant.  I wouldn’t go there, and I think he’s idiotically cutting off a big chunk of income, but I also don’t think he should be forced by men with guns to change his restaurant.  Likewise, if Bobby Seale and Huey Newton want to open a Blacks Only restaurant I would never go there either, and I think it’s an equally stupid move, but I still don’t want men with guns to come change it.

I would celebrate the day either of these businesses failed.  But I would not want my tax dollars to force them to do what they truly believe is wrong.  I hate the idea of these people being so stupid, but I’m not willing to sacrifice my freedom, autonomy, and personal sovereignty in order to make them stop.

Learning how to discriminate is how you become wise.

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