Donald Trope

Tilting at Windmills

There is a mean person who was elected president. He planned to evict all gay married couples, sending jack-booted police to pummel kind, loving partners apart and force them to marry the disgusting members of the opposite sex. He planned to – in full Nazi style – test all the people of the land for genetic purity, and shove the unworthy out into the sea, or across the border to Mexico.

He woke up in the morning and dreamed of oppressing any man who wished he was a girl and and girl who wished she was a guy. He had a 4,000 year old redwood cut down to make a high-grade pen so he could close down welfare and social security and make the old people work as slaves until they die.

He met with secret organizations to make sure only the wealthiest white families could send their white sons to college, and only if they paid millions for the privilege. He had horses’ heads put in the beds of his rivals and dissenters. He ate baby seals and shot polar bears for fun.

He had his construction companies build a giant wall – bigger than the great wall of China – and stationed right-wing bearded wackos every 50 feet in towers with beer, corn chips, giant piles of armor-piercing ammo, and orders to shoot any poor or helpless children they saw.

He rounded up the impure and tossed them off the wall into Mexico and told them to run before the guards opened fire.

This man is pure evil. People – helpless humanitarian people – rioted and protested and (for some unknown reason ) looted to make this man stop. This man, this awful man elected by reactionary, stupid neanderthals, had to be stopped at all costs.

This man hates women despite having a wonderful, smart wife and daughter. He thinks of them all as sex objects and likes to randomly humiliate them for no reason. He thinks women are best when chained to a stove or ironing board, and shouldn’t be allowed to go to school or vote.

There is just one problem. This man, this Donald Trope, is pure fiction. He is an incoherent concoction of lies and memes. The liars know that soon it will be revealed that the real man is not this 10-eyed flaming demon they have constructed, and they have an urgent need to whip their idiots into a frenzy before the whole construct comes tumbling down. There is an Armageddon coming for these people, but it’s only their concept of reality, not reality itself that is going to burn this time.

Well, once their useful idiots finish burning things to the ground.

Reality Check

If you think the real guy is going to round up all LGBTQ(plus whatever letters get added this week) and make them break up, step back from your anger. It’s not going to happen.

If you’re worried that McDonald’s is not going to let transgenders into the wrong bathroom, or that they won’t be force to create a separate restroom for each of the 27 defined genders, then chill. Work in your state to get whatever action you need. The president has more important things to do. Hillary wasn’t going to address this either.

If you think that opposing gay marriage equals hate of gay people, relax. It’s not hate to disagree about what marriage is. It’s just opinion.

If you think that stopping people from illegally crossing the border is racism, have your head examined. It’s the job of nations to protect their people. They can’t do that in an open-border world. If you disagree, take all the outside doors and windows off your house, or you’re a hypocrite. It’s not racism to protect your people. All nations do it. The ones that didn’t are not nations anymore.

If you think that Muslim refugees don’t need to be allowed to immigrate carefully, then have them move in by you. We’ll make sure they are not screened at all. As for me, I have daughters, and I would really not like the thought of my neighborhood filling up with terrorist jihadists. By the way, Islam is not a race. It isn’t racism to watch and/or carefully screen them.

On this topic, why are you so anxious to have so many of them come here? Do you want the murders, rapes, and terror attacks? It sure seems that way when viewed from the right.

If you think he is going to cut Medicare, look at what the ACA did. It redirected a large chunk of medicare funds to itself. In essence, Medicare is already raided.


Remember, the real man has donated money to Democrats. He lived in New York. He is not as conservative as you fear. The real man wants repeal and replace. I am not happy with that, I think the free market can do better. The real man is not putting tea-partiers into all the key jobs. Not even close. He seems to be walking a more moderate, reasonable path. Though it’s only been one day in reality, so we’ll have to see.

So turn off your fear and hate, stop watching fake news like CNN (when a news organization vows to take a president down, how fair can they really be?). Engage your eyes and ears and mind. Think about what is actually being done, and not what you fear might happen next.

When Clinton and Obama were elected, the right was demoralized and angry, just like you are now. Our fears were far greater than the reality we ended up facing. Some wacko right-wing bloggers made dire predictions and even promoted lies and rumors about them. The mainstream right rejected these wackos and watched what actually happened before they made judgments and formulated opposition. It’s the only reasonable way to be.

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