I do not Use Newspeak

Here are the correct meanings of some commonly misused words and phrases.  These definitions used in common parlance are almost always the opposite of what they sound like.

Immigrant: One who legally resettles in another country.

Illegal Immigrant: This is an oxymoron.  Like “Dry water”.

Alien: One who is in a country (or planet) where they do not belong (or have not assimilated).

Illegal Alien: One who has entered a country (or planet) against the laws of that country (or planet).

Women’s (or reproductive) healthcare:  Health services and products targeted at helping women maintain their ability to have children.

Abortion: The killing of a living fetus.  This act is designed for many social goals:

  • to reduce minority populations
  • to allow men more access to sex with less consequences.
  • to appease Satan, and other demons who hate God’s creation.
  • to please elites who think that the poor, undesirable masses will not overrun the world with their nasty pro-family ways.
  • to implement the principles of eugenics.

Compassion: Giving of one’s self to aid another.

Entitlements: Taking from others to trap the poor into a subservient, loyal underclass.

Taxation: Theft that has been agreed upon by its victims for some imagined public good that may or may not ever come to pass.

Social Justice:  A watering down of actual justice so that only certain tribal members receive real justice.

Tolerance:  Where disagreeing groups decide to accept that they disagree without working to harm the other side.

Antifa: A fascist group that bristles (violently) with anyone who veers from their political dogma.

Nazi: Members of the National Socialist Party founded by Adolf Hitler.  AND NO ONE ELSE.

Feminist: Currently anyone who works to dismantle, harm, and exhibit a burning hatred for men.

Micro Agression:  An aggression so small that the person committing it has no idea it has even offended.  In other words, a non-offense.

Racist: Someone who is convinced that his own race is superior to all others, lacking any substantive proof of it.  NOT someone who utters a race joke, or doesn’t want to marry outside his race.

Pronouns: unlike most Latin languages where every noun and verb is gendered (like “chair” or “river”), in English the pronouns are the only gendered words.  They are sometimes gendered (he, she his, hers) and sometimes not (they, you, I, me).

Sex: there are 2, barring genetic abnormalities.

Gender: there are 2, barring genetic abnormalities.

Gender Identity: A social construct invented to(in this order)

  • beat up conservatives
  • bring mentally ill people into the mainstream

Socialism: A social system wherein a caste of elites take everything from the masses, and murder them en masse when they complain.

Communism:  A system where the lazy live off the efforts of the hardworking.

Gulag: A vacation destination for socialists.

Tribalism: The act of breaking all people into tribes for the purpose of warring against them.  Under tribalism, you are not you, you are a skin color, race, gender, and religion.  There is no individual, there is only the group, who’s leaders (elites) will determine what’s good for you.

Identity Politics: a way of saying tribalism without risking offending people who live in tribes.

Democrat: A political party that promises to steal everything from the rich and give it to the poor to gain votes: but then never delivers.

Republican: A political party that promises to reduce taxes and reduce government to gain votes: but then never delivers.

Libertarian: Drug addicts who want to legalize all drugs, and think that if we banished governments, everyone would live in peace.  Also stoners.


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