It’s Time To End the Welfare State

Here are some reasons to end the welfare state.

  1. It’s attracting the ineligible to steal from the taxpayers.
  2. It’s possible that up to 60% of those receiving benefits are committing fraud.
  3. It’s a Ponzi scheme that only works if birthrates are really high.  Birthrates in the first world are not.
  4. Congress has stolen the trust fund, and current taxpayers are funding current liabilities.
  5. With lifespans getting longer, one of 3 things MUST happen:
    1. The retirement age will need to increase dramatically, or
    2. The benefit levels will have to be cut dramatically, or
    3. Doctors will need to cooperate with the government to reduce life expectancy.
      1. i.e. mercy killings
      2. Doctor assisted suicides
      3. Instead of keeping people alive, doctors will need to hand the elderly a Tylenol and discuss their end-of-life options.
  6. No amount of raising taxes will make it so a declining population (low birth-rate) can pay for more (longer-living) recipients.  Soon the tax rate will be 100%+
  7. Social Security is not means-tested.  Bill Gates and Homeless Bob both get it.
  8. Disability is made of fraud.  My wife has Cerebral Palsy and is not eligible.
  9. Since I got laid off in 2008, I have lived on minimal income – barely enough to keep the lights on.  I was not eligible for help under Obamacare.  They wanted me to spend more than 85% of my income on premiums.  Then it went up even more.
  10. Anytime government requires a product it gets more expensive.
    1. It’s called supply and demand.  If you artificially increase demand, prices go up.
    2. Baby car seats.
  11. As if raising taxes wasn’t enough, Congress can now FORCE us to buy products with the little amount we have left.
  12. It’s become a money-grab for Congress
  13. Massive amounts of money are being mailed to foreign countries to ineligible families.
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