My Version of Comprehensive Immigration Reform

This comes from the perspective that illegal immigrants broke in to our country – illegally.

This might be because

  • the shit-holes they are from suck so bad they wanted to come here,
  • or because they wish to do us harm.

Regardless, they came here without screening, approval, or application of any kind, and since they did, they deserve to be deported.  Period.

But, it’s not practical to deport such a vast number of people, so we need some kind of a procedure to fold these people into the country.  So here is my “Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act”.

This applies to all people here illegally regardless of how long they have been here.

This applies to all children of people here illegally, or here legally on a temporary basis (i.e. on vacation, traveling, on a work visa etc.)

This act will create a program for currently resident illegals, which they can voluntarily sign up for.

New arrivals will be deported and may not be employed in the US.

Illegals who do not sign up for it are subject to deportation and asset seizure.

Illegals who do sign up for the program (Dreamers) are subject to the following rules.

  • They can not vote.
  • Their children are not citizens.
  • They are not subject to the minimum wage.
  • They are not allowed to own a gun.
  • Any government services they receive will be billed to the country of their citizenship.
    • including medical care and emergency room costs
    • including education
    • including imprisonment, court costs, police expenses
    • including fire and ambulance services
    • Any country that does not pay can expect to have it deducted from any foreign aid they receive from the US
    • Any country that still can’t pay can expect boatloads of deportations
  • They must pay a fine for breaking the law by entering illegally – let’s start that at $25,000.
  • They are not allowed to join labor unions.
  • They are not allowed to sue US citizens or corporations in US courts.
  • They are not eligible for Medicare, Social Security, Disability, or any other government welfare programs.
  • They are only eligible for state welfare programs if the states permit it.
  • They can be deported for any felony.
  • Employers must pay a small fee for each dollar they pay a “dreamer”.
  • Employers must provide current identity information on all dreamers they employ.
  • Legal aliens with current, legal visas are not required to sign up for  this program.

Illegals who do not sign up for the program are subject to immediate deportation and asset seizure.

A wall is largely a symbolic gesture, but the border patrol must protect the border, whether they use a wall, surveillance equipment, drones, satellites, robots, or any other means that can be shown to work.

Why is any of this important?

Because the US is a nation of laws.  If one segment of the population can just ignore a section of the law then order breaks down.  For instance, I have my eye on ignoring the tax code.  Why can’t I just ignore that?  I mean I’m here legally, why should I be treated WORSE than someone who broke in?

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