Netflix Sucks

Quick list:

  • It CONTINUALLY crashes on my Sony TV.  Like 1 in 3 shows crash the app on play. 0% 25% 65% 99%… CRASH
  • It needs to be “updated” about once a week, but it doesn’t ever SAY that, it just fails to work until you guess it needs an update.
  • It will regularly tell me a show is “unavailable” on the TV but plays fine on my computer.
  • Whenever you find a movie you really like, by the time you suggest it to your friends, and your friends decide to watch, it’s gone.
  • The “Netflix Originals” upload a whole season in a day, making you binge watch in a week, and have to wait 51 more weeks for the next season.  There is no reason that they can’t upload one episode a week so we don’t have 11.75 months in-between seasons.
  • There is no option for “Never suggest this horrible crap to me again”  I mean you, “Dear White People”.
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