Quick Depression Facts

  1. You feel useless, unloved, and undesirable.
  2. You get lazy, and lose all self-respect and pride.
  3. You want to quit your job and get a new one, but #2 makes you feel unemployable.
  4. You snap into behaviors that take you nowhere, like video games, TV, Netflix, Youtube.
  5. You go to bed later and later because if it takes you 30 minutes to fall asleep, you’ll spend all that time judging yourself.
  6. You are constantly sleep-deprived.
  7. You neglect your mind and body.
  8. You become unhealthy.
  9. You stop caring about yourself.
  10. People who love you and want to interact with you start to feel bossy, and you resent them more and more.
  11. Your find it physically difficult, and later impossible to get any work started, let alone done.
  12. You find the truth of your mortality comforting.
  13. You listen to the news and come to believe in the swift, inevitable decline of civilization, and probably mankind as well.
  14. You are fine with that.
  15. You gain weight and your health becomes spotty.
  16. The smallest actions are too much effort.
  17. You know clearly what to do to change your lot, but you never do.
    1. It’s too much work
    2. Even if you start, you’ll fail
    3. Even if you succeed for a time, you’ll eventually end up right back here.
  18. Hope is a lie.
  19. You feel trapped, even though one decision – completely under your control – could change that.  Yet you never do what’s right.
  20. You feel as though your soul fell out one day when you weren’t minding it, and now it’s lost forever.
  21. You want to trust in God, but there is no evidence in everyday life that He would actually intervene for you.
  22. Eventually you come to trust that God will not intervene, and that your predicament is exactly what you deserve.
  23. You are completely to blame for your own demise.
  24. You wonder why your body goes on when the rest of you has clearly died.
  25. You are constantly exhausted.
  26. You have a perpetual headache.
  27. You are poor, and have failed to provide for your retirement.
  28. You find that no one respects or listens to you anymore.
  29. People interrupt you more and more.
  30. No one finds you funny anymore.

Am I close?

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