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Broadly speaking, there are 2.  Everyone is born with one.  Anything more is delusional.

As far as your gender is concerned:

  • What you present as means nothing.
  • What you emotionally feel means even less.
  • Ponies are not and never will be a gender.
  • No amount of surgery will change your DNA, which is where your gender stems from.

That said:

  • No one, no matter how delusional, should be harmed because of their crazy.
  • No one deserves money from anyone who does not buy into their crazy.
  • No person deserves to be trapped by a tranny, even if it’s a big part of the trannys fantasy.  It is cruel to lie to people to gain their affection.  Men and women who want biological families do not deserve to be trapped by delusional trannies who pretend they can fulfill that, while they know they can’t.
  • It’s OK to love trannies and treat them like people.  They deserve every bit as much voluntary love as any other person.
  • Love is voluntary.  You can’t beat it out of people against their will, or write laws forcing people to love anyone.
  • No one deserves to be beat up or killed for their views.  This includes:
    • Trannies
    • Baptists
    • Muslims
    • Democrats
    • Republicans
    • Men
    • Women
    • Kids
    • Actors
    • Trump Supporters
  • You have the right to believe you are anything you like.  You have no right to force your pronouns or delusions on anyone else.  If you think this, then I believe I am the God-Emperor of the West.  You will address me as “Your Majesty”.  Also there will be much genuflecting.

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