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Lies, Always with the Lies.

So Donald Trump issued an executive order calling for enhanced screening of people from the 7 ‘states’ where terrorists are trained.  This would have the effect of delaying some people at port-of-entry, unless they are problematic in some way.

  1. There are 57 Muslim states, and only 7 are on the list: the ones that train terrorists.  So if you read “Ban On Muslims” somewhere, that was fake news.
  2. ISIS is an offshoot of a religion, not a race, so if you read that this was racism, that was fake news.
  3. The protestors who are raising a stink about this are paid rabble-rousers,  so if you read that there is any kind of groundswell, that’s fake news too.  These people for the right money would support Florida Orange Juice or chocolate train tracks.
  4. CNN and Buzzfeed, who both ran with fake stories about Donald Trump’s imaginary romp with Russian hookers, have shown gross journalistic incompetence (or perhaps a Pravda-level agitprop status) and join the ranks of fake news sites with 60 minutes, who was caught getting witnesses to change their stories, and even ran the George Bush fake National Guard memos to fit their preconceived narrative.

There are only a few news sources to be trusted anymore, and none of them are in the ranks of what anyone would call the mainstream media.

Of course, if you are a liberal, or SJW Snowflake, and alignment matters more than truth to you, then feel free to construct any world-view you like out of wood, straw, and playing cards.  Just be forewarned that it’s all gonna burn in the face of relentless truth.


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