The Good Kind of Hate

I am a hater because…

  • I weep for the innocent unborn murdered in their mother’s wombs.
  • I think that forcibly seizing income from people who view abortion as murder, and using it to fund abortions and organizations that perform and promote abortion is a heinous moral crime.
  • I think gay marriage is a farce.
  • I think The Coming Ice Age/Global Warming/Climate change is a religion, not science.
  • I think that racism is a belief that your race is better than another, not some kind of subconscious preference or inadvertent action or omission.  If you’re a racist, you know it and proclaim it.  There is nothing subliminal about it.
  • I am convinced that there is no longer such a thing as white privilege.  I have lost several college and job opportunities because the opposite is actually true.
  • I don’t think that handing hardworking people’s earnings to lazy people is going to solve anything.
  • I see Welfare as slavery.
  • I see Social Security as a ponzi scheme.  It needs to end, especially with the current low US birth rates.
  • I think that any taxation is partial slavery.  If your income is taxed at 30%, you are 30% a slave, i.e. working 30% of your year for no pay.
  • I believe that taking earnings from the hardworking should only be done in the most dire circumstances.
  • I think that any legislation that regulates the healthcare, lending, banking, auto manufacturing, etc. system is anti free trade.
  • I think trade unions exist to cripple productivity, steal from businesses, and foment (yes, I said the word foment) Socialism.
  • While we’re on the subject, Socialism is just legalized stealing.  Taking from “the rich” is just stealing for those too lazy to break in and plunder for themselves.

For any and all of these fundamental beliefs I would be called a hater, and probably shouted down on any college campus.  My only hope is that there are a few others who can see this position is just fundamental right and wrong, and not based on hate.  In truth, I hate no one.  I just feel that everyone should leave people alone and stop looking for ways to get their hands into our wallets.


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