The People of Earth

Wars and rumors of wars (Matthew 24:6).

By and large, the people of Earth want to live their lives, raise their children, and put away something for their golden years without getting it snatched away by tyrannical government.

Governments on the other hand, spend all their waking hours (and pay lackeys while they are asleep at the wheel) thinking about the consolidation of their own power, their accumulation of wealth, and presenting a public image that will aid them in getting re-elected perpetually.  For them, war and the threat of war is a valuable tool that aids them greatly in that cause.  It’s much safer to ply the people with pick me or the Huns will slaughter your goats than it is to go on about the subtle nuances in your economic policy.

International war and aggression happen when the leadership gets so caught up in their own rhetoric that they have no option other than to escalate. If they don’t escalate, they are viewed as impotent blowhards and liars, even if the public does not want war beyond maybe going over there (wherever there is) and blowing some shit up.  The whole notion that Muslims for instance ‘want us all dead’ cannot possibly be true, or the world would be in open combat in nearly every country, province, and city.  It’s just not remotely possible that so many people are waiting secretly in the background until we are least expecting it.

I therefore posit that the leaders of governments are the ones who desire (and benefit) most from ongoing war, international aggression, and wildly overblown propaganda about perceived enemies (as well as enemies among us).  This is true of ISIS, Washington, Moscow, London, Beijing, and Jerusalem.  The ones who want never-ending aggression are the leaders, while the citizens mostly wish it would all end, so they can raise their families.

There are two possible approaches to deal with this disparity between the people of the world and warmongering governments.

  1. Refuse to listen to their bullshit and throw the bastards out.
  2. Let them live in their own political world while we live at peace in ours.

The latter only works well, however until they call us up and take our kids to go die in some hellhole to secure their power.

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