Youtube Demonetization Facts

  1. Advertisers are free to spend money wherever they want.  It’s their money and if they don’t want to associate with your viewpoint, that’s their prerogative.
  2. Youtube (Google) does not owe you a living.
  3. if there are no advertisers willing to sponsor you, then either…
    1. make your stuff for free
    2. change to be more attractive to sponsors
    3. stop making content
    4. get your own sponsors
  4. Yes, this is a bonehead move on Youtube’s part, but it’s their platform.  Unless your agreement says, “we will pay you to create any kind of content you want”, then they can do anything they like within the framework of the agreement you both entered into.
  5. It’s not censorship.  Post whatever opinion you like (within the TOS).  But they don’t owe you money for it.
  6. I suspect that there are some advertisers who would love to align themselves with edgy content – unless your views are really, really wackadoo.  Sure it won’t be Coke or Sprint, but I bet there are some – why don’t YOU cultivate these relationships?
    1. As TJ Kirk said, “The beauty of it is that Youtube deals with the advertisers and content creators never have to talk to them.”  Well yeah, until something like this happens.
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